Semilac: Semi-Permanent Enamels

Semilac: Semi-Permanent Enamels

What do you mean by Semi-Permanent Enamel?

Semi-permanent glazing is always seen in beauty salons where they follow the practice while performing manicure?But it is essential that the products are appropriately applied for long-lasting results. Enjoy the Semilac Esmaltes semipermanentes for up to 3 weeks without worrying about damages or scratches. Learn the difference between classic enamel as it requires an adequate preparationwhich includes drying in UV or LED lamp and application of two products that are obligatory; Base and Top. Today they stand to be the perfect solution for your nail enameling that keeps your weak and brittle nail to get strengthen and enhance the growth of the nail naturally.

The choosing colors are the first key while you finished your manicure and ready to show off your nail glazingthat lasts for a minimum of 3 weeks. Choose from the different colors available at Semilac that range from 200 to 300 colors and each time keep on increasing with the demandfor colors. At present they are grouped into 15 collections. Check out the full range of products on Semilac site Esmaltado semipermanente that are necessary to use in the process of manicures, makeup, using semi-permanent enamels, gel constructors and other accessories which beautify your nails and make them durable at the same time.

Constructores semipermanentes

Characteristic Features of Semilac Products:

  1. They are genuinely affordable and available at almost every beauty salons. If you are planning for manicure then just get the Semilac products and see the difference from classic products.
  2. Once done with the manicure process apply the semi-permanent enamel on your nail after you dry with LED or UV Lamp and thenuse the base and top on the pin for that extra glazing. It will make your nail durable and increase the length of your nail as does in natural form.
  3. The semi-permanent enamels used are very efficient in the application as they are very easy to use, handle and free from any scratch or damage. The enamel will last on your nail for up to more than 3 weeks.
  4. Choose your favorite color from a wide range of colors that suit your skin. They are comfortable to wear in any season and suits all types of surfaces.
  5. It is advisable always to use Nail Cleaner Liquid if you want to remove the enamel or apply the cuticle oil to hydrate your nail.


Jump start your next session of manicure using the best products of Semilac that include Gel Builders, Enamels and wide range of colors that suit with your skin in all seasons if you want to carry them with your daily wear. Find the semi-permanent enamelling as a perfect solution as they are easy to use and feel you comfortable. Enjoy your manicure at anytime!