How to Make Baked Comfort Foods More Wholesome

How to Make Baked Comfort Foods More Wholesome

 Baked comfort foods aren’t the healthiest diets existing. Their high calorie, unhealthy fat, and refined carbohydrate contents make them not ideal for those on diet limitations. However, modifying the ingredients and nutrients in these foods can make them a bit healthier. These are some great ways to make diets at healthier and more wholesome.

Add Unsalted and low-sodium broths and stocks

Stocks and broths are essential ingredients in casseroles, soups, and stews. Most packed stock includes a bit of sodium contents. Excess sodium isn’t good for our bodies. While preparing your baked comfort food, you can keep the sodium levels low by using unsalted and low-sodium stocks.


Keep Cheese Levels Low

It’s almost impossible not to top up pizza, casseroles, and potatoes recipes with cheese. Cheesy toppings add the flavor and delicacy of diets. However, they also raise the fat and calorie contents.  While it’s impossible to resist the addition of cheesy toppings, it’s always healthier to keep the levels low.

Use Shredded Vegetables

Adding shredded vegetables to casseroles and desserts may not essentially translate into wholesomeness. However, they do increase the vitamin and fiber contents. They as well increase the moisture content in such diets. Some of the best-shredded vegetables you can add to your comfort foods are shredded parsnips, brownies, carrots, zucchini, shredded cabbage, chopped dark leafy greens, and bread.

Add Some Dark Chocolate

According to healthy researches, dark chocolate is one of the sweetest and soothing health snacks existing. When added to cookies and brownies, they raise the nutritional value of those diets by a great percentage. That’s because dark chocolate is low in sugar and fats and has strong antioxidant properties which assist in keeping your heart and body healthy.

Consider Opting for Alternative Flours

Flour is one of the most important ingredients in baked comfort foods. They are added in desserts, fried chicken and fish coatings, and cream sauces. Alternative grain and nut flours add to the overall nutrients in your comfort foods by a great percent. Such nutrients include vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers and much more.


Add More Layers of Vegetables

For healthier results, you should consider slicing your sweet potatoes, squash, and eggplants. When added to comfort foods, they add the nutritional value of such diets by a great deal.  It’s always good to know which vegetable additions will make a positive change in your diets.


It’s time we started taking comfort foods. These foods are notoriously known for increasing body health and minimizing the associated health effects. However, baked comfort foods are truly healthy and nutritious. Several additions should be included in these diets to make them healthier and more beneficial. Above, we have outlined some of the best toppings that are known for making comfort foods the ultimate diets.